For Architects

As an architect, you understand the process of working with clients to design luxury homes, estates, and other dramatic properties focused on meeting, and exceeding, your client’s expectations. You also understand  that the process of design and engineering behind a home cinema is unlike other rooms in the property, and this is where we come in.

Architects often bring in the Erskine Group to perform the design work for the home cinema on the project. The physics, the science, and the engineering required for a successful home cinema is uniquely different from any other room of the home.

The actual room itself is a significant component; up to 80% of the sound in a home cinema is coming from the room – the walls, floor, and ceiling. Home cinemas cannot be designed to simply look good upon a first look; rather they must be engineered to perform at a level the project owner expects.

Every single element of the home cinema design has an impact on performance, from how the sheet rock is attached to the framing, to the size and shape of the air conditioning registers. There is serious science behind each one of these elements, and when you choose to work with us on the design of the home cinema in your next project, we bring our extensive knowledge of that science.

We look forward to working with you on your next project, to bring an outstanding home theater to life your client will enjoy for years to come. Please Contact Us to get started.