Home Theater Construction

The single most important component of any home theater system is the room itself. It is also that component, which if implemented incorrectly, will be the most expensive to correct. Very, very good (and expensive) equipment placed into a poorly designed room are going to sound bad. That is not a statement about the equipment itself, it is a statement based on science and physics. 80% of what you hear in a room doesn’t come from the speakers…it comes from the room itself. No matter how expensive, or how great, your electronics and speakers may be, they cannot overcome the laws of physics.

Our reputation has been built on excellent sound quality in every private home cinema we design, build, and calibrate. It has not been based upon what brands of products we may or may not recommend. As in all of our work, the design is the first step. The Erskine Group provides a complete set of construction prints including framing, electrical, lighting, mechanical requirements, acoustics, sound isolation, and interior design. Only after there’s a design which meets technical requirements and standards, and which meets your lifestyle requirements, as the homeowner, can equipment choices be intelligently made. Too often, the traditional first step in home theater project, is a list of equipment.

Our construction and interior finishes teams travel the world to service client needs. This team is comprised of professionals working at the highest levels, with incredible speed and accuracy. The end result of working with our construction team is a completed home theater, constructed to our impeccable standards and in the most efficient possible timeline.

Your engagement process begins with the your home cinema design and ends with our delivery of the construction plans covering construction methods, materials, HVAC, sound isolation, lighting, and electrical requirements. Upon the completion of the design phase, the Erskine Group can be further engaged to consult on the project, execute the construction, or provide a full turnkey finished space. 

Frequently, our team hired to install the interior fabric and acoustic treatments. We can also work closely with your own builder or contractor to assure all members of the project team the smallest detail is not missed compromising the final result. Very small oversights can result in significant problems.

The Erskine Group works with architects, home owners and home theater dealers throughout the world to develop the construction plans for home theater and music rooms for all budget ranges. To get started with your project, Contact Us today.