Media Rooms

For many families, they have the desire of an incredible performing entertainment space, in the open concept of a more relaxed environment. They are looking to enjoy their time in a media room, where they can have fun, laugh, and entertain, all with the standard excellence of an Erskine Group design.

Media Rooms are where you come with your friends and your family to get together and watch the big game, event television, play games, or listen to wonderful music; without the requirement of a dedicated home theater. When you work with the Erskine Group, we provide you with the outstanding audio and video performance you expect from us, in your open room concept.

In your media room, there are nearly limitless possibilities, from hidden projectors and projection screens, to multiple video displays, to integrated audio systems that seem to disappear in the room. With our designs, you can enjoy the highest levels of performance in your entertainment systems, in any room of your home.

Our media room designs elegantly balance the artistic form of your lifestyle with the functionality of advanced technology. You can now have the performance you want, in any room of your house.

The design of your media room requires the integration of sophisticated electronic technology into your existing style, and we work directly with you, your architect, interior designer, and builder to ensure your desires are met.

With the Erskine Group designing your media room, you will have the audio and video performance you want, in every room you want. Contact Us today, so we can make your media room dream a reality.