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Life lived best at home

Where ever home may be.

Unparalleled Private Cinemas

Private cinemas that take your movie night to the next level

Yes, we can provide home theaters and media rooms but a Private Cinema is not a home theater. A Private Cinema is something special and unique. These are turnkey projects from design, to engineering, to construction, and commissioning. They are acoustically correct, have stunning video and are exceptionally quiet.

We don’t start from a list of equipment, we start from your expectations and the technical requirements of the space. 80% of the sound you hear in a room comes from the walls of the room, not the speakers. Once the room design is complete, for the first time we can determine the proper specifications for the room’s equipment and acoustic treatments. Given those specifications, we can advise the homeowner about the appropriate electronics to get the desired experience.

We enjoy an enviable reputation creating, and building these reference screening rooms.


Get peace of mind that those you love most are protected.

Home security is not an alarm system. It is a carefully thought out integration of lights, shades, locks, and HVAC carefully matched to your life- style. No list of equipment will tell you what the experience will be.

Your Intelligent Home should be predictive and responsive to your lifestyle. Saying “good night” arms the alarm, places home lighting in night mode, closes open shades & blinds, locks the doors, closes garage doors, and sets back the temperature. It should never be several systems. Your house is a collection of spaces, each with their own purpose, forming a single home and the systems in your home should also behave as one.

What’s important to you?


Your home's secure connection to the world.

Today’s home networks are stressed. With an increasing number of devices on your home network demanding bandwidth, these networks need to be carefully engineered to provide the services today’s homes require.
These services include video streaming, security cameras, environmental controls, and even your dishwasher. Our cybersecurity experts are involved in every installation.

Telephony isn’t the reliable, always working, Princess phone from days past. More and more of your voice calls are Voice over the Internet. If clear calling is important to you, your network is important to us.


Get peace of mind that those you love most are protected.

Lighting is an integral part of your home environment just as much as heating and cooling. With an astronomical time clock, exterior lighting can be automagically timed to sunset/sunrise. Plantation blinds, shades, and curtains adjust to protect furniture and carpets. With geofencing, you never have to come home to a dark house. Press, or say “good night” and open shades are closed, lights go to their preset, HVAC is set back, the alarm is armed to Stay, open garage doors are closed, and doors locked. If you get up at night, hallway, bathroom or stair sensors gently illuminate your way. Anytime smoke or fire is detected, shades can be opened, lights can flash, doors unlocked and garage doors opened.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

Your expectations, nor True Luxury, can be achieved from a list of components and a low bid. We will start with an order of magnitude estimate. Our designers and engineers will engage with you and develop a comprehensive engineering documentation set for which we are compensated. These documents will include connection diagrams, wiring schedules, floor and reflected ceiling plans along with a functional specification and scope of work to achieve the desired experience. From this we can present a guaranteed fixed price quote with job schedules. The design set is yours whether you con- tinue with us or not. This is the only way surprises, missed dates, and disappointment can be avoided.

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