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The company was founded over 15 years ago by Dennis Erskine and over these many years has acquired an enviable international reputation. In fact, until very recently, the only engagements we’d accept were from direct referral. Mr. Erskine’s primary area of specialization is architectural acoustics.

Thus, as much as anything else, an Erskine Group Home Theater, IMAX® Private Theater, or THX Certified Screening room is characterized by superior sound quality … a quality which must come from the room, not speakers or electronics. In the end, the focus of every Erskine Group project is quality. The company is not the most expensive; but, we are not the place to go if price is your first priority. There is no value proposition in “cheap”, low cost, or low bidder engagements.

Let’s examine the credentials of Erskine Group and its founder, Dennis Erskine:


Dennis Erskine is CEDIA Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a member of the CEDIA Board of Directors. Mr. Erskine is one of the several CEDIA members determining what the certification and testing processes will be. Mr. Erskine sets the standards of performance for this industry. He is the only SME for Home Theaters and Acoustics in the Southeast. He is the co-author (with Tony Grimani, Floyd Toole, and Todd Welti) of the Recommended Audio Practices for Home Theater standards document. (This document is available for purchase at or If your chosen installer does not follow these practices, you are being short changed.


The Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) is the ISF of audio and provides the training and certification of those individuals and dealers providing audio calibration services. Mr. Erskine is an HAA instructor. Erskine Group is an organization that sets the standards and continues to raise the bar on value and quality.


Mr. Erskine is THX certified. He works closely with THX’s Professional group for those individuals requiring a THX Certified venue. Members of our installation staff are also THX certified.


Mr. Erskine and two of our installation staff are ISF Certified for Video Calibration services.


Erskine Group operates its own construction orgnazation and has its own millwork and fabrication shop. Erskine Group is one of the very few design/build organizations in this industry.

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