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The design of your Home Theater is the single most critical element of the entire project. Design of any acoustic space, from professional studios to home theaters, is not based on a simple philosophy nor an equipment list. Acoustic design is the experienced application of science and physics to your home theater concept.

Every successful, and on budget, home theater project includes a comprehensive design and engineering plan. The Erskine Group works closely with the homeowner, the architect, A/V Integrator, and interior designer to develop all the construction plans, engineering plans, and documentation before the construction of the project begins.

Home Cinemas, music playback spaces, and recording rooms require fastidious attention to detail in both the construction and the design phases to assure the homeowner and project team that the proper acoustic footprint is built into the final result. Our experienced teams work through these complex issues on a daily basis and strive to always produce outstanding results.

All Erskine Group Home Cinemas both look incredible and provide you with reference-quality performance. Your home theater is about more that a great first visual appearance, it must perform for you at a consistent level of excellence.

Acoustic spaces, such as your Home Cinema, require the application of science to what is truly an engineering problem, and not a list of equipment problem. To extract the most value from your project, the room must be designed utilizing solid principles of physics. Unlike Erskine Group designs, in an improper design, background noise and poor room acoustics have caused many rooms to be underutilized. We look forward to discussing the acoustic physics and science with you or your team members.

Our professional Home Cinema design services are presented in several fixed price tiers, starting from $2000 (USD). We are happy to discuss the appropriate level of service, based on your intended desires for your room. All our Design and Engineering fees are based on our fixed price model, no hidden charges or surprises. Once the design of your project has been completed, we can provide you a fixed price quotation for construction, fabric and acoustic installation, and calibration.

If you are seeking to move to the highest level, and to create a home cinema few will experience, this is where our services shine. We can provide you with an entire THX Certified Screening Room. To read more about the limited and unique home cinema experience, please read our THX Certified Screening Room Page here.

To begin your home cinema design, please Contact Us today. A team member will get in touch with you to discuss available options, timeline for your delivery, and any other questions you have about the process.